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Interior Designer, Florence, South Carolina


Interior Design - Residential and Commercial

Florence, SC

Danos Headquarters
Interior Design

We do it all, interior architecture, lighting, furniture, finishes...if you can see, use it, feel it - we'll ensure you love it!

Memorial Hermann

Supporting branding through interior experiences. 

Project - Baton Rouge

Our educated designers can incorporate wayfinding into environmental graphics, flooring finishes, lighting, furnishings.  Anyway to create a dynamic experience, we can do it.



Memorial Hermann

Lighting can make or a break a space.  Let us show you how the right lighting, for the right application can boost work productivity and define spaces.


Construction Documents
Test Fits - UpFits - Tenant Development

Trust us, if you are looking to lease or purchase a new space for your company, you'll want to contact us before you make any decisions.  Click the arrow to learn more about this commonly used exercise.


Danos Boardroom
Custom Elements

Looking for that one of kind wall extrusion, a lighting element or interesting seating area?  We can do it.


Design-build is a method of project delivery in which our team works works with the client, to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion – thereby re-integrating the roles of designer and constructor. T3M's design-build service delivers both horizontal and vertical construction projects with superior results – no matter what the project type.


We listed the big dogs to catch your eye, but our bread and butter is so much more diverse.

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